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Update August 2020

We’re excited to share our first Spawn update! We hope to make these updates more frequent to let you know what we’ve been doing.

This blog launches alongside the official launch of the Spawn beta programme 🎉 We’re excited to get you onboard!

We hope you find this helpful. Get in touch if you have any more questions, or if you want to sign up for the beta click the link below👇

👉 Get started

✨ New features#

🤖 Spawnctl#

  • YAML output for spawnctl commands
  • Specify new image names for the graduate command with --name [name]
  • Spawnctl update notifications
  • Additional security added to Spawnctl auth flow to prevent MITM replay attacks
  • Support multiple resources passed to delete command to clean up multiple resources with one operation

📡 Spawn service#

  • Autoscaling infrastructure to handle additional capacity requirements for users
  • Unique passwords for each data-container created from data-images
  • Miscellaneous security fixes and hardening

🌟 Spawn Azure Data Studio Extension#

  • Update extension to work with the latest API changes in Azure Data Studio

📝 Blog posts#

Extending Kubernetes with Operators#

Having attended the last two European KubeCon events (2018 and 2019)...

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Ephemeral databases using Spawn#

Spawn offers many advantages for teams that might be used to using shared development environments...

Read more about how you and your team can use ephemeral databases