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Update March 2021

Hello from the 🛸 Spawn 🛸 team!

Sample databases#

To make it easier to try Spawn we’ve created some sample databases. To get started just download the client, authenticate, and instantly create copies of Pagila (PostgreSQL), Sakila (MySQL), Wide World Importers (SQL Server) or AdventureWorks (SQL Server).

spawnctl create data-container --image pagila:v11 --lifetime 1h

We’ve also created empty data images for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server so that you can quickly spin up a blank database.

PostgreSQL 12 support#

PostgreSQL 12 is now officially supported! We have a small backlog of other versions we plan on adding across our supported database engines but we’d love to know what versions you’d like. Reach out to us via this email or message us directly on slack.

Try the beta#

Spawn is currently in open beta, and free to use. It takes less than fives minutes to get up and running. Click the link below to join our beta 👇

👉 Get started

📝 Blog posts#

Collaborative database development with Spawn#

Database performance problems can be a pain to deal with. They frequently involve large amounts of data and require a lot of iteration to get the precise data set required to trigger the issue. And once you’ve got a reproduction database, what then? How do you share that reproduction and collaborate on the solution?

Read more about how to share large databases with Spawn

Implementing zero downtime deployments on Kubernetes - the plan#

We’ve reached the stage with Spawn where the application is stable and we are actively recruiting new users through our open beta. With this extra usage, and coming from other parts of the world we now have the problem of user operations being interrupted by our deployments.

Read more about how the Spawn team plans to implement zero downtime deployments

✨ New features#

🤖 Spawnctl#

Improve errors returned from our API

⬆️ PostgreSQL 12#

On top of PostgreSQL 11, we now support PostgreSQL 12. For a complete list of versions supported by Spawn, please see our engine support page. Create data-images with PostgreSQL 12 by specifying version: 12.0 in your sourcefile.

🖼️ Public data images#

Sample databases and pre-created empty images are now available as public data images. Run spawnctl get data-images --public to see the list.

🕘 How to - Scheduling data image creation#

One of the many benefits of Spawn is the ability to work with production-like datasets in all environments regardless of the size due to instant data container creation. See How to - scheduling data image creation.

🐳 How to - Run spawnctl using docker#

Did you know you can run spawnctl as a docker container?