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Update April 2021

Hello from the 🛸 Spawn 🛸 team!

Migration testing#

This month, we’ve been focusing on making it easier for you to get up and running with Spawn. We have amended our documents, and filmed videos to show you how easy it is to get a Spawn container running from your PostgreSQL or SQL Server database. A Spawn container is quickly provisioned with your database’s schema and data, and is perfect for development or testing against.

We also discuss the pitfalls of not testing your migrations before they reach your production code, and demonstrate them in this open source repository. To learn more, have a read of this Flyway blog we published.

If you’re already convinced of the importance of testing your database migrations, jump straight to our step-by-step guide on implementing these tests in your CI pipeline using Spawn. Alternatively, contact us directly and we’d be happy to help you get set up with migration testing in CI.

Try the beta#

Spawn is currently in open beta, and free to use. It takes less than fives minutes to get up and running. Click the link below to join our beta 👇

👉 Get started

📝 Blog posts#

Why you should be testing Flyway migrations in CI#

Bad migrations slip through to the release process despite our best efforts. Thankfully, there are solutions to this...

Read more about how to test Flyway migrations in CI with Spawn

🎬 Videos#

Creating Spawn Data Images from Postgres backups#

Chris Heppell, Lead Software Engineer on the Spawn team takes us through how to create a Spawn data image from a Postgres backup.

Creating Spawn Data Images from a SQL Server backup#

Martin Podlubny, Software Engineer on the Spawn team takes us through how to create a Spawn data image from a Microsoft SQL Server backup.

✨ New features#

🤖 Spawnctl#

  • You can now see which image ID a container was created from by running spawnctl get data-container -o wide or -o json or -o yaml
  • Running spawnctl version from docker image now reports the correct version
  • Bug fixes and improvements

💾 Backups#

⬆️ Postgres 11, 12 and 13.2#

We now support PostgreSQL 13.2. For a complete list of versions supported by Spawn, please see our engine support page. Create data-images with Postgres 13.2 by specifying version: 13.2 in your Postgres source file

🖼️ Public data images#

Do you need a database with data now? We got Sakila, Pagila, Adventure Works or Wide Word Importers, run spawnctl get data-image --public to see the list of public data images and create a data container from those!

📖 Documentation#