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Update June 2021

Hello from the 🛸 Spawn 🛸 team!

MySQL 8.0 support!#

We’ve been working on supporting MySQL 8.0 which is now available for you to use! Either restore your own database or use one of our public images.

New Github Actions!#

We've also created a set of Github Actions that you can use in your CI pipelines:

Raspberry Pi (ARM-based Linux) support!#

We thought Spawn on a Raspberry Pi would be cool, so we’ve officially added support for ARM-based Linux operating systems! Want to give it a shot? Just follow the standard installation docs.

Service Information#

We’ve published details of Spawn’s hosted environment and security measures to protect your data. Head over to our service information page to read more about it.

Try the beta#

Spawn is currently in open beta, and free to use. It takes less than fives minutes to get up and running. Click the link below to join our beta 👇

👉 Get started

📝 Blogs#

The key to great database Continuous Integration is disposable databases#

Database Continuous Integration (CI) is often the final piece of the CI story for a project and with good reason; it is hard to do and much harder to have something your team will describe as ‘great’. Read more

Development databases in Docker aren’t good enough#

Development databases in Docker aren’t good enough on their own. Why? Because they’re almost always so far from the production environment characteristics that you get a false sense of security in development. Read more

Simple Database CI with Spawn and Github Actions#

Spawn’s new Github actions make database CI easier than ever before. Read more

Going all-in on cloud-based development with realistic databases#

Throughout 2020 and 2021 much of the world moved to remote-first working through unfortunate necessity, but have development environments kept up? Read more

✨ New features#

🤖 spawnctl#

  • spawnctl proxy data-container will configure a localhost proxy on your machine on the default port for the database engine your data container is running on. This can be useful for environments where you've already got localhost connection strings configured and you don't want to manually update the port when data containers are created.


  • We are in the process of enabling users to see their resources in the browser by visiting This is now the place to accept our EULA

⬆️ MySQL 8.0#

  • We now support MySQL 8.0. For a complete list of versions supported by Spawn, please see here. Create data-images with MySQL 8.0 by specifying version: 8.0 in your MySQL source file

🌤 Spawn Service#

  • Improve overall reliability
  • Various bugs fixes
  • Improve our observability of the system
  • Raspberry Pi (ARM-based Linux) support

📖 Documentation#

  • Created new login flow
  • Move our documentation to
  • Various documentation improvements