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Instant GitHub Codespaces are dangerous without realistic data

Picture the scene:

  • You click a button on a GitHub repository
  • A new tab launches with VS Code containing your code
  • All of the prerequisites are preinstalled and you can start coding, compiling, and running your application instantly

Amazing! Forget about walking line-by-line through “” to configure your local machine.

But let's fast-forward a little bit more…

  • You start your web app and load it in a new tab
  • You log in to your web app
  • You’re greeted with an empty screen

There’s no data. There are no other users. There’s no realistic data in this application at all.

Codespaces with databases

With GitHub Codespaces you can set up a cloud-hosted, containerized VS Code environment. You can then connect to a codespace through the browser or through VS Code.

The main question we are trying to answer now is:

Can we have virtualized environments with databases created from backups or scripts, not just empty databases, or fake data sets?