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The Spawn service takes care of all of your data, storage and compute.

Authenticate with the Spawn service to be able to create and control your resources.


spawnctl auth


As a prerequisite you should have followed the instructions to install spawnctl

  1. Open a terminal window and type spawnctl auth to begin authentication
spawnctl auth
  1. Hit Submit to validate the auth code:

Authentication code

If this is your first time using Spawn, you will have to authorize Spawn against your Github account at this point.

  1. The authentication code is replaced with a success message:

Authentication success

  1. Return to the terminal to continue using spawnctl.

If this is your first time using Spawn, you will need to login to the Spawn web app to create your account. Please see the getting started installation guide

You are now authenticated with the Spawn service. Verify that you are authenticated by running:

spawnctl get data-images

Additional information#

spawnctl automatically renews your authentication session when it expires (24 hours after first authentication). If you'd like to prevent further session refreshes, you will need to revoke access to Redgate Foundry Authentication in your chosen authentication provider.