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Symbol for data image Tag


A Tag differentiates multiple data images (data-image) with the same name. It is analogous to a Docker Tag.

data images can have multiple tags, however a data image name and tag combination must be unique. Creating a new data image with a name and tag combination that already exists will remove said tag from the existing data image.

Referencing an existing data image with a tag in commands can be done in the format name:tag.

Tags must be less than or equal to 128 characters, lower case, not starting with a period or dash and containing only the following characters: A-z 0-9 - _ .


In this example, we will add two tags to the yaml file defining our data image.

name: dev
sourceType: backup
engine: mysql
version: 5.7
- folder: ./data
file: backup.sql
- "red-gate:spawn-developers"
- "red-gate:spawn-admins"
- "v1.0"
- "development"