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Update May 2021

Hello from the 🛸 Spawn 🛸 team!

Migration testing#

We’ve been working on supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2019 which is now available for you to use! Either restore your own database or use one of our public images. has had some changes - you can now find all Spawn documents over at, where you can also view all previous newsletter updates.

We’ve recorded a video to demonstrate creating a MySQL database from a backup using Spawn - head on over to our YouTube channel to see MSSQL and Postgres examples too.

Try the beta#

Spawn is currently in open beta, and free to use. It takes less than fives minutes to get up and running. Click the link below to join our beta 👇

👉 Get started

🎬 Videos#

Creating Spawn Data Images from a MySQL backup#

Martin Podlubny, Software Engineer on the Spawn team takes us through how to create a Spawn data image from a MySQL Server backup.

Automated Database Testing: How Flyway, GitHub Actions and Spawn solve Azure migration#

Changing production databases can be risky, and the earlier you can catch problems the better. Learn how to use Flyway, GitHub Actions and Spawn, a new solution that provides database copies on demand, to easily test database migrations. Instead of relying on last-minute staging environments, Grant and Santiago will show you how to quickly automate migration tests against a fully populated database.

✨ New features and improvements#

🤖 Spawnctl#

💾 Backups#

⬆️ SQL Server 2019#

  • We are now supporting SQL Server 2019. For a complete list of versions supported by Spawn, please see our engine support page. Create data-images with MSSQL 2019 by specifying version: 2019 in your MSSQL source file.

🌤 Spawn Service#

  • Improve overall reliability
  • Upgrade the specs of our master nodes
  • Increase the spec of k8s nodes that hold data-containers
  • Improve our observability of the system

📖 Documentation#

  • Migrate from docusaurus v1 to v2
  • Move our documentation to
  • Various documentation improvements
  • Added previous spawn updates to our docs blog